The Schools Foundation: the driving force for educational excellence

The Schools Foundation is a 501c-3 non-profit organization with one very important goal: to support Huntsville City Schools, Madison County Schools and Madison City Schools of Alabama. We work to create higher expectations and widespread community support, leading to world-class performance of principals, teachers and students.

The Foundation serves as an education advocate and provides a central voice forĀ strategic engagement on many of the current and pressing issues relating to education impacting our schools. We have continuous interaction with local and state boards of education and education leaders and serve as a vehicle for individuals and businesses to support public education.

In 2000, the Huntsville City Schools Foundation and the Madison County Schools Foundation combined to form one education foundation to serve all three school systems in Madison County. The Schools Foundation is one of the few education foundations in the United States that supports multiple school systems.

We believe:

  • There is nothing more important than our students.
  • Parent, business, and community involvement are essential for quality education.
  • Teachers must have personal and career development opportunities that help inspire and prepare students to be successful.
  • On-going communication among stakeholders creates mutual trust and respect.
  • We cannot solely depend on local, state and federal governments to fully meet our needs.
  • Every constituency within the community has a stake and deserves a voice in the success of public education.

We work to:

  • Support initiatives that promote high expectations for professional leadership.
  • Ensure an engaged and involved community in order to create a strong sense of belonging, caring, involvement, and support.
  • Support cross-district collaboration.
  • Seek financial support for educational needs.

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