Announcing The Schools Foundation Endowment Fund

The Schools Foundation Endowment Fund

Executive Summary

The Schools Foundation Endowment Fund is a permanent source of capital that will provide a foundation for financial support for the Huntsville, Madison and Madison School Districts held at the Community Foundation of Huntsville Madison County. To contribute now to the Enodwment Fund, please click here.

Project Overview

The Schools Foundation was established in 2000 with the strategic merger of the Huntsville City Schools Foundation and the Madison County Schools Foundation. The Schools Foundation serves the three public school districts in Madison County: Huntsville City, Madison City, and Madison County, representing over 50,000 students.

The Schools Foundation's mission is to create higher expectations and widespread community support for area schools, leading to world-class performance of principals, teachers, and students. Historically, The Schools Foundation has supported programs which benefit the three systems across the board.

The Schools Foundation is embarking on a multi-year endowment campaign to establish The Schools Foundation Endowment Fund. Achieving both the immediate and long-range program objectives of The Schools Foundation becomes increasingly more challenging each year. Financial resources must be secured to guarantee sufficient means to meet the program objectives and expanded opportunities for innovation and creativity at the district level beyond the programmatic support we have been offering. The Endowment will grow to be an ongoing source of sustained, long term funding for students of today and tomorrow.

The funds will be held under the condition that the principal be maintained in perpetuity and only the income generated may be expended. The creation of the endowment is TSF’s first step in cultivating an environment for educational innovation and creativity beyond current capacities. It will also assure that crucial educational programs continue far into the future.

There are over 50,000 students enrolled across Huntsville City, Madison City and Madison County Schools. Currently, there is no endowment in place to support these districts in cases of emergency or to support long term strategic grant making. TSF has been successful in providing resources above and beyond the funding the districts receive from the state and local tax revenue. Our local school districts are attractive to outside business and economic development opportunities. Locally, our schools benchmark higher than the state average on the ACT and our graduation rates continue to rise. While this is an asset today, our community must remain diligent in protecting and growing the resources to support high quality public education.

By establishing The Schools Foundation Endowment Fund, we are strengthening our promise to the community and school districts to support the efforts needed to continue to build world class schools. The endowment distributions will enable the districts to operate creatively and provide unique opportunities for our students.

The three superintendents and school boards are fully supportive of establishing The School Foundation Endowment as the primary source of long term funding for the districts across Madison County. Huntsville City Schools currently holds an agency fund with the Community Foundation and, similarly, Madison City is looking to establish a Legacy Fund. These individual district funds exist to support smaller, project focused district activities, while The Schools Foundation Endowment maintains a long term focus with strategic implications for each district.

Following the announcement of the fund, a committee of individuals (broader in scope than current board) will be recruited, recognized, and charged with securing the next round of gifts toward the endowment. It is this group that will set fundraising goals and identify donors. This group will be made up of representatives from across Madison County.

Internally, the goal is to raise $2-5million a year over the next five years in support of The Schools Foundation Endowment Fund in order to provide meaningful grants. This endowment, supporting k-12 education, will be the first of its kind in Alabama. This committee will set the required threshold before grant making will be available to the districts. Awards will be based on student population and grants will be made by district and not necessarily be tied across all three districts.


The Schools Foundation is embarking on a critical journey at a critical time for education in our community. Building The Schools Foundation Endowment Fund is an effective way to protect the investments we have made – and continue to make – in educational excellence. With state funding ever unpredictable, the Endowment will grow to represent a stable source of income, and each gift brings us closer to our goal of ensuring the continuing excellence of Madison County schools in perpetuity.

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