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May is for Graduation!
Graduation Schedule for Schools Across Madison County

Students across Madison County will be graduating in May and moving on to the next phase of their lives.


Huntsville City Schools Graduation Schedule:

May 26th - 1:30pm J. O. Johnson High School

3:30pm Columbia High School

5:30pm Grissom High School

May 27th - 1:30pm New Century Technology High School

3:30pm Lee High School

5:30pm Huntsville High School


Madison City Schools Graduation Schedule:

May 23rd - 3:00pm James Clemens High School

7:00pm Bob Jones High School


Madison County Schools Graduation Schedule:

May 24th - 3pm Sparkman High School

7pm Hazel Green High School

May 25th - 3pm Buckhorn High School

6pm Madison County High School

8pm New Hope High School

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