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A+ College Ready update at NACEE

May 7, 2009- Tim Singleton, a member of The Schools Foundation, joined Lewis Berry, Johnson High School Principal and Jacque Wyse, Butler High School Principal to provide an update of the A+ College Ready program to the staff of the North Alabama Center for Educational Excellence (NACEE).



“Our NACEE staff works with students from these high schools in order to encourage high achievement. Because of today’s opportunity to know more about the A+ College Ready program, we will be better able to support what teachers are doing in these schools, said Earnest Davis, PhD., NACEE President. 


Butler High School, Johnson High School and New Hope High School, begin teacher training in August working with middle school teachers to align the curriculum and ensure that students are achieving at the highest level possible.


Student registration for the 2009-2010 school year shows an increase in students signing up for advanced and honors classes at all three schools. For more information about A+ College please click here.


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